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Our Project Approach

Our Stated Goal is to help your business to succeed.

How will we do this? By working with you to discover:

  • The problem that is affecting your business and will provide value when fixed (The Problem)
  • How to measure what it is that tells us it is a problem (Now Measure)
  • What new measure will tell us when it is solved (Goal Measure)
  • What happens that causes the undesirable measure (As Is)
  • Business rules that when implemented will reasonably produce the Goal Measure (Should Be)
  • A specific method by which to implement the Should Be (Design)

Through this process we will work with you to design a new system (or refine an existing one) that will support your business results and business focus. The success of this process is achieved by identification of the Now Measure and Goal Measure, ultimately to keep the project focused on the The Problem.